Bosh GDR10.8V LI Impact Driver Review

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    I remember buying my first Bosh power tool. Feels like yesterday.

    I also remember when my father bought his first bosh driver. Feels like a lifetime ago I must of been 7 or 8
    years old.

    Dad used to keep his in a cardboard box that it came in with a few bits for doing work around the house.

    How things have moved on. The Bosh I bought was an impact driver. Sometimes in my line of work you have a lot of screws holding something down and using a hand tool is impractical because it is sore on the hands, particularly if its a big job. Conventional drills are very heavy and will wear you out. The 14V drills are OK but go towards a traditional 18v drill and it will break your arm. I think DeWalt has come out with some really light 18v battery units.

    Why am I talking volts? Volts, the more of means there are more batteries more batteries means more power.

    The Bosh GDR10.8 is 10.8 volts. But don't let that fool you it will drive 6inch screws into anything you want all day long. (You might need to change the batteries often but with a 20 minute charge time that is OK.)

    It is extremely light and takes a hex bit no problem. I found that it was beneficial to have a magnetic bit holder as a short bit kind of sinks into the driver holder. I know this increases the profile of the driver and its small size makes it extremely versatile for small spaces but for general convenience.

    bosch impact driver.jpg

    It has a handy battery meter on the side as well with a light that is mostly OK you'd miss it if it wasn't there but its meh.

    You can find this on amazon uk!
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