Fluke Digial Multimeters

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    Anybody who does any kind of electrical or electronic type work needs to have a digital multi-meter.

    Fluke is one of those names associated with big price tags and yellow boxes.

    I went through a phase in my life buying multi-meters (dunno why..) by fluke. One of them was the 28ii which I bought brand new at retail price. The 2nd fluke I have bought new (other than the monster 289).

    The 28 II had an issue with showing "BATT" when it did a continuity test (a basic test to see if there are any breaks in a line, useful for "Ringing" out lines to make sure you are on the right one). I contacted Fluke UK who gave me an RMA number and I sent it off.

    I was informed that it was covered under their limited lifetime warranty.

    That was just amazing. Got the unit back during the week as good as new looking, with the error fixed. Big prices but unbelievable service.

    Read more about the FLUKE 28 II here: http://amzn.to/1T5H2mH

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