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    You can really get carried away with socket sets when you start earning some serious money or work for the likes of Ferrari and what not, but every starter mechanic and guy who needs to open a socket probably buys a Teng socket set.

    I remember when I bought mine I thought I was the shizzel, I have moved on since then but my Teng still comes with me onto those really dirty jobs where I don't want to use the good stuff.


    These don't get as much use as they used to, but I still use them. The narrow profile on the extension bar is particularly handy as some other manufactures like WERA make them with a sleeve around the shaft for easier turning but increases the profile which is nice feature but in tight spots might get in the way. (These Teng dont really compare to WERA but in the need of honesty I just want to say it! Theres some really cool features on the WERA socket sets).

    The other consideration is do you really need all of the sockets? If your a new guy, basically theres a set of numbers that are really important. Like 8mm, 10mm, 13mm, 17mm, 19mm. If you have those 5 your probably sorted. You can see from my picture 11 and 12 are sparkling clean while 8/10 are covered in dirt! The 13 is also dirty. This is important if your trying to keep your every day carry (EDC) to a minimum.


    The one real hate with this set is that I carry it with tape around it. It has popped so many times on its own and the bits all over the floor making me look like a monkey! (Not to say I have not dropped the WERA 1/4inch set too, and damn that makes a heck of a bang!!!). But the latch on this set is particularly prone to popping open.

    Amazon UK Teng 1/4inch tool set

    Theres also this one which is much much smaller:

    teng small quater.JPG

    I had to look on ebay for this one

    That set is very very low profile for the set that you want to keep to a total minimum.


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