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    We all have that boss that doesn't see the point of good tools. But we all know that good tools make the job easy and better. A screw driver that rounds screws, a spanner that rounds nuts, a hex key that rounds bolts are useless junk at the end of the day.

    When I started to pay more for tools I noticed that I did not ruin heads, nuts came undone with less force.

    One of the best examples I can think of is the WERA bit sets. When I am finished putting a screw in with one the bit usually sticks to the screw and the magnetic bit holder doesnt have enough power to hold it. Thats a really good contact with the screw head for it to do that.

    I am going to try and get some macro shots of how the right philips or pozi fits into the right screw head perfectly.
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    Okay so as promised some closeup pictures. I am sure other can get even closer.

    ph3 correct.jpg

    That is a perfect fit a PH3 bit in a PH3 screw.

    pz2 in ph2.jpg

    This is an awful fit i have to hold the bit into the screw, pz2 in ph2 screw

    ph2 in ph2.jpg

    Same screw but a PH2 it sticks into it.

    ph2 in pz2.jpg pz2 in pz2.jpg
    This is a pz2 screw, you can see the pz2 bit fits better.

    pz2 in ph3.jpg ph2 in ph3.jpg
    The ph2 and pz2 fit in the ph3 bit, but your better off using the ph3 bit if you had it.
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    Why do the above matter? Well you ever hit a rounded screw and you are now faced with opening it?

    You may not have many choices including drilling out the screw to access equipment.

    This takes time, you got to lug extra junk and a 10 minute job becomes and all day job.

    But if you have the right bit to fit the screw exactly you might just have a chance of getting it out.

    If you are an installer and your putting screw after screw into wood you dont want to be wearing down your tools and using extra battery life on your drills because the bit is slipping in the screw head. If you have pozi screws use pozi bits. Don't have a bunch of random screws and 1 or 2 heads that dont match.

    The more force required to screw in a screw the more surface area the tool has to have in order to maximize that force into the screw. Look at impact drivers, those put a lot of force onto a screw as do any larger drills.

    But if you notice your tools slipping you need to change your tools or your method.

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