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    These screwdrivers must be my favourite set in the while world. I have about three of these because I keep one spare.

    I lost a handle and the Phillips driver and of course the set becomes useless. But I was able to replace them and that's how I have 3.

    The beauty of this set is that you have everything you need. It's soft case so you can throw it anywhere you want.


    The most important thing with a set like this is how snug are the blades when they are in the handle? Week after 4 years of abuse I can say they still fit snugly. I do things I shouldn't like use them to pry open stuff or move stuff in the same fashion.


    The set pictured here is my spare set I keep in the house but I must put up a picture of the set I've had for years.

    I don't need the vde requirement of these but I do work in electronics and I don't fancy feeling any tingling sensation when working on it.

    I'd rate this 9/10 simply because the phase screwdriver is fragile but then again I'll accept I abuse it and that's why.

    You can get these from Amazon UK
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